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Digital pendant with electronic data of the pet owner!

You don't have to have the app installed to read  or entered data on a pendant.

Your pet will always find his way home!

Such situations are a reality that we encounter every day on social networks.

In case your pet gets lost, everyone who finds it does not have to take it to the vet to read the data from the chip, but they can do it immediately on the spot with their mobile phone !

All that matters is that the NFC reader is turned on on the phone.

(1080 × 1080 px) (11).png

Our digital pendant is the RIGHT solution!

  • change pet profile in one click
    (you can change the data an unlimited number of times via our site)


  • waterproof
    (can be soaked as much as it suits your pet)


  • simple design
    (All necessary information is immediately available to the inventor)


  • metal housing
    (will last longer than cheap plastic )


  • NFC technology
    (works the same as your bank card,

    it is enough to put the phone on the pendant to read it)

Uparite privezak sa izgledom profila!

Phone Screen

Join the large community of satisfied customers!

Pendant price: 1500 dinars

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